Welcome to the The Beach House!

Since Brando's arrived on Market Street, Brantford's bar and nightlife scene has never been the same! You'll find something going on every night here at Brando's and great food and service provided by our restaurant-grade kitchen. Dubbed the area's "Beach House", the bar's Hawaiian motif allows patrons to feel as though they are partying on a tropical island with the best live entertainment and DJs in the city! ...more

From the heart of Market street, Brando's has become a staple in the city, hosting hundreds of local bands and talent, including rock, funk, soul, blues and live DJs every week. Right away you can tell this isn't your average bar! Numerous big name acts have electrified The Beach House; including 40 Sons, The Cobra Kings, Hank Gets Dusted, Mel Brown, Jack De Keyzer, Paul James and many more!

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Calling All Brantford University and College Students

Being literally steps from the downtown Laurier / Nipissing campus, Brando's on Market is right in the middle of the midday and nightlife action! Our restaurant-grade kitchen is open at 11am and we have all kinds of good eats on the go. From our famous wings, burgers and fries, to the lighter side including salads, wraps and other great alternatives, there is something for every student between or after class!

Student / Group Leaders: Need a meeting place, or somewhere to feed your group or team? From catering, to celebrations and after-parties, let us know what you need and chances are we can provide it! Over the past couple of years we've hosted numerous events and parties for different Laurier, Nipissing and Mohawk groups so please let us know how we can make your event even better!

When the sun goes down the party kicks off with plenty of early evening performances, and night time parties. Brando's on Market is your authority on weekend parties and Laurier, Mohawk, and Nipissing students quickly find out that Brando's should definitely be a staple in their weekends!